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Telecom Review editions are the leading media platforms covering 80% of the ICT global readership, under the umbrella of Trace Media.

With a large experience in the fields of media and events organization, Trace Media has gained a stellar reputation throughout the years for its success stories which allowed it to boast a global footprint.

17 years ago, the first Telecom Review edition was published. Today, we have editions that cover the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, and North America. Telecom Review has always been a pioneer in the ICT media industry proven by the high opening rate of its e-newsletters, digital flipping magazines and most recently, by organizing virtual panels and webinars.

Our Events

Trace Media’s success in the field of events’ organizations, starting with its flagship annual event which was launched 14 years ago – Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit, has contributed to the growth of the events business within the company. 

2020 also marked our entry in the field of webinars and virtual panels. Telecom Review has organized its own virtual panel discussions as well as webinars for our customers: IPv6 webinar, Zain/Nokia webinar and Infoblox SP Virtual Summit.

Our Customers

Some of our customers throughout our 17 years in the business include:

Our Global Presence